HTE—Corporate Profile

HTE Integrated (Myanmar) Ltd. is a provider of engineering services and finishing works in the construction industry. The company has over 20 years of knowledge and experience serving residential, industrial, commercial, hospitality, infrastructural and institutional sectors.

The commission was to design and develop a corporate profile that serves to introduce the company, its services, and projects in Myanmar and Vietnam. The corporate profile will be in both print and digital versions.

The design carries two collective ideas. The first idea revolves around ‘vision’ which defines forward-thinking, and its purpose of existence. ‘Vision’ opens up to ‘discoveries’ into the company’s establishment, and ‘peeks’ into its future ambitions—among other involvements, their foray into masterplanning for Thilawa SEZ and Ascendas-Protrade Singapore Tech. Park. ‘Vision’ is thus represented in sketch mediums through telescopic views.

The second idea draws inspiration from technical drawings. One finds hierarchy, structure, order and organization in clarity. Taking a cue from symbols, conventions and title blocks, these motivate the layouts of each project in the corporate profile.

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