Ginko is a landscaping design-and-build solution provider whose services include garden care and maintenance, potted plants rental services, horticulture and arborist services. Ginko approached to request for a visual identity design.

In the G I N K O logotype, four distinct vertical members are identified and given expressions. The equal spacing in-between is akin to trees aligned in a single file, expressing discipline and order. Their heavier bases express the rooting of stability and resilience against winds and tides of change—attributes relatable to doing business in Myanmar. The solid sans type resonates confidence and the solid ethos Ginko’s places in their B2B relationships.

The calligraphic sen (森) or woods, made up of three similar mu (木) or wood, harks back to the owners’ rooted values in tradition, craft and nature, and translates into deeper levels of meaning imbued in the Ginko’s brand philosophy.

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