DRIVE Myanmar

DRIVE Myanmar is a lifestyle automotive magazine and platform that needed a visual identity.

A black and white language expresses personalities typically ascribed to automobiles: classic, timeless, bold, iconic. It is also a construct of such dualistic personalities as luxury/sport, masculinity/femininity, new/vintage, and form/function. A red language manifests in the form of an abstract bauhaus triangle, an expression of such semiotic associations as direction signs, right signals, probational plate decals, and danger. The identity design is seen across DRIVE’s collaterals including a media kit and goodie bag.

DRIVE’s publications are intended to inform readers on news, policies and developments in the automotive industry. The first prints in English and Myanmar languages were launched in July 2016.

Photograph from DRIVE Myanmar

This project is conceived in 2016 during my employment as Creative Director in Lychee Ventures (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.

Cover Photography by Gerhard Jören ( by Gerhard Jören ( by Gerhard Jören (

Photography by Khaing Mg Lay
Photography by Bait Thar

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