The brief was to design an interior of a 2,400 sq. ft. 4-bedroom private residence for a family of six. The residence is located in eastern Singapore and enjoys a commanding sea view from its balcony.

As the family hails from China and values its traditions, yet have a penchant for their Hermès and Chanel collections, the design unanimously amalgamates Chinese and contemporary western influences. The fit out areas include the private lift lobby, living and dining areas, the kitchen, and the four bedrooms.

Private lift lobby

As the lift lobby receives little entry of daylight, the travertine stone walls, as are other corners, are fitted in with LED lighting. To accommodate and maximize space for shoe storage and seating, a foldable bench is proposed to integrate with the shoe cabinet. Made from leather and rose gold, the bench can be folded up and reveals an H-monogram. The Huangs love their Hermès. The shoe cabinet is made with rose gold frames and crystal glass shelves, and drawers are designed with pocket compartments.

Living and dining areas

The living area is fitted with a cabinet on the left in leather, and beside, an open-shelf multi-tiered console rack in leather, glossy laminates wrapped around with rose gold frames. The walls surrounding the area receive similar treatment in leather and fixtures in either black powder-coated aluminum frames or rose gold. The dining area mounts tinted mirrors that reflect the sea and space, increasing a sense of spaciousness, and holds up a painting from the owner’s collection. Warm lighting softens the edges from hard-looking materials.


As the Huang family frequently entertains guests, the kitchen fits out a spacious counter top, wine refrigerators and a ceiling-mounted wine rack. The kitchen faces an open balcony terrace that receives natural daylight and ventilation, and gives a sense of openness from views beyond.


The master bedroom comes with an existing ensuite bath. It receives an overhaul of the bed wall in leather and tinted mirrors. Designs are proposed for bay window seating, a new dressing table area, and bespoke furniture, loose and built-in, of a console table and drawer, and a display cabinet. The display cabinet showcases the owners’ collection of jewelry and perfume bottles. The TV console table and drawer, in leather and rose gold, is intended to reflect the personalities of the master and mistress (a contrast of hard and soft); the leather grains reflect sea patterns.

This work is overseen in 2015 during my employment in JGP Architecture. Photography by Kanyarat Muangkhiao.

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