JGP Architecture—Annual Publication II 2014–5

Photography by T. T. Wat

Following a successful inaugural issue, the firm decided to commission a follow-up issue. This issue commemorates the firm’s milestone achievements including entry into the Myanmar market, the first healthcare projects, and expansion of its global footprint across the Asia-Pacific region and as far away as Kazakhstan.


The book’s cover is a 3D of nursing home project that is intended as a monochromatic CAD drawing, to suggest precision, detail-orientedness, rawness, sterility, and work-in-progress—some of which parallel undertones of healthcare.

The book includes a feature of an exclusive interview with renowned liver surgeon Dato’ Dr. K. C. Tan who offers his views on the state and future of healthcare and planning of facilities. Another feature headlines the famous dictum ‘God is in the details’, putting an eye on some of the work that bag the firm awards. An essay reviews an exhibition held in August 2014 of Japanese architects Takeo Muraji and Yutaro Muraji who shared their approaches to producing architecture: Takeo Muraji believes that collaging and the Jungian psychology help to understand preferences of clients as precursor to making architecture; Yutaro Muraji invents “moku-chin”, architectural recipes to address the increasing negligence in up keeping the older residences in Tokyo and in other prefectures—his democratic architecture is thought to destabilize the architect-client’s relationship we familiarly know.

The book was launched in December 2014 at the firm’s annual dinner and dance function.

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