JGP Architecture—Annual Publication I 2013–4

JGP Architecture is an award-winning architecture and interior design firm with offices in Singapore (HQ), China, Vietnam and Myanmar.

As the firm expanded its portfolio to cover more cities and project types, the firm decided to commission annual publications to showcase their work, in the preceding year and in the pipeline, to their intended audience.

The inaugural book’s cover design is a collage that suitably represents what the firm is about: diversity. From the different nationalities of the employees, to the undertaking of a varied repertoire of projects, to a commitment to push for innovative presentational and representational techniques in their work.

The book was launched in December 2013 with a first run of 200 copies in conjunction with the firm’s dinner and dance function. In commemoration of its launch, an architectural photography competition was held, and some of the works are displayed in the book’s end pages.

I was appointed the design editor to work on this book (76pp.).

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  1. We talk about elastic space and fluid space, which are different ways of saying that space is at such a premium in our homes now.

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